CHICAGO, IL–(Nov 30, 2011) With every day that passes, the world becomes more reliant on digital media. Over the past decade, Cimaglia Productions has been at the forefront of video’s mass migration to the Internet. By finding new ways to incorporate video production into social media and other outlets, Cimaglia Productions has not only succored this increase in video popularity, but also raised awareness and creativity about the new and ever changing uses of digital media.

2011 began on a high note, with various digital publications interviewing Matthew Cimaglia, the CEO and founder of Cimaglia Productions. This served as effective foreshadowing for the speaking opportunities and unprecedented media attention given to both the company and its namesake, Matthew. In fact, this led to his speaking at Chicago’s emerging media organization Illumedia, the Niche Digital Conference, and presenting at the World Federation of Great Towers in Macau, China. His expertise in entrepreneurship, Internet-age digital media, video production, and branding are in high-demand– and not just by his clients. In fact, Cimaglia Productions itself has garnered media attention, including praise for its technological superiority by none other than Avid Technologies and Sorenson Media.

In addition to the conferences and articles that have been a part of this year, the day-to-day operations of Cimaglia Productions have also changed throughout the year. Without breaking his commitments to environmental sustainability, high-quality creative production, and a quick turnaround, Cimaglia has doubled business from the previous year– for the fifth year in a row. Such business growth requires both the cultivation of new clients, and the development and maturation of existing production relationships.

Cimaglia Productions also launched, a unique and innovative solution to the problem of branding coherence. By creating a secure space online where businesses can store their brand-information and then mete out access to these items at the business’s discretion, Cimaglia has made it easier for businesses and creative agencies to work together on standardized brand-information.

As the calendar year draws to a close, a Cimaglia Productions’ team is finishing up a whirlwind tour through Asia. They travelled from Hong Kong, to Macau, and then to Mt. Everest’s base camp, taking Cimaglia Production’s capabilities to the highest place on Earth and expanding its stature throughout the world.

Celebrating over 10 years of growth, Cimaglia Productions is a full-service production company proudly located at the John Hancock Center in the heart of Chicago. With experience in everything from long-form documentary series to creating interactive press kits for national corporate clients, the award-winning team at Cimaglia Productions can create the video content you need. We can also help you find the audience for your video, using our expertise in search optimization, new-media marketing, and brand management.

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