I haven’t always been an outdoorsy person, but I’ve been concerned with ecology and the environment for about as long as I can remember. It’s even informed my work at NBC where I produced / edited a story (Thirsty Planet) about water scarcity in Las Vegas, and as CEO of Cimaglia Productions where I’ve implemented a paperless office and a commitment to sustainable business practices. Such environmental concern is increasingly prevalent in today’s population and some companies have acted accordingly, positioning themselves to perform ecologically beneficial actions so as to make themselves more attractive to this new section of consumers. If this action is done insincerely, or is mitigated by later actions that contradict it, then there can be a huge uproar from consumers and pundits alike. This is exactly what happened with Apple’s recent decision to leave–and rejoin within the week–EPEAT. To learn about the importance of Going Green and Staying Green, check out the newest blog post over at Cimaglia Productions: CLICK HERE

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