They say pictures are worth a thousand words. So how much is a video worth? And how much would that same video account for once you’ve added in a dancing penguin, a dancing banana, a dancing grandma? Priceless, no doubt. If you have noticed a large amount of posts in the past few months… I have been in the process of launching another company. A company that created an app that does just this, making any situation, any video, better (well funnier).

To me, the app is so much more, though, than just another silly app among the thousands in the app store. It’s really about creating something people will smile at and pass on. Beyond your own personal fun, Dance Video App is all about sharing the experience, sharing the fun, sharing your ideas and creativity with others. The app is about getting people to connect around something other than politics, business, or the latest gossip. To me, bringing people together is just as important as finding solutions to global issues. The app releases next month for you to use, so start counting down the days! Till then, enjoy some behind the scenes footage and previews of what the app will look like.

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