There is one specific video that has been capturing worldwide attention several weeks in a row. Reaching 2,940,340 likes as of September 27, this video has even made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for most YouTube likes. The video I am referring to, of course, is “Gangnam Style” starring Park Jae-Sang, known to us as PSY. “Gangnam Style” went viral worldwide in a matter of a week or less and continues to be newsworthy two months after its release. The song itself has rapidly crawled its way up from number 64 on Billboard 100 to the number 2 spot in merely two weeks. Everyone, even Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, is dying to learn not only PSY’s moves but how he became the hottest commodity in such little time.

PSY has essentially taken over the world with his Gangnam Style music video and choreography. Having been a well-known rapper in South Korea, his Gangnam Style video went viral worldwide in a matter of a few weeks. Whether you enjoy the song, hate how easily it gets stuck in your head, love or hate the dance moves, you most likely are currently or will soon become addicted to Gangnam Style. PSY’s video has currently reached over 250 million views, a continuously growing number—and that doesn’t even include all the hits of Gangnam Style parody videos, each having its own massive amount of viewers. He has appeared on shows such as Ellen Degeneres, the Today Show, Saturday Night Live and even the VMA’s. Though the video and dance moves may be silly, his rapid success that amounted from the ridiculousness is unbelievably impressive. No matter how many times each individual has seen the Gangnam Style official video or attempted the dance, the world is nowhere near tired of PSY or Gangnam Style, which is evident based on the amount of press each is receiving. What’s amazing is that it’s not the video or dance moves alone that have topped the charts. The song itself is ranked number 1 on iTunes in 31 different countries.

The song is catchy, the dance moves are simple and the tagline—“Dress classy, dance cheesy”—is easily adaptable by all. Because of these facts, many YouTube users have created parodies of “Gangnam Style,” causing the music video to be breaking news on nearly a daily basis. Though most of us in the U.S. only fully understand one short line of his song, “hey sexy ladies,” we still find Gangnam Style stuck in our heads more often than we choose to admit. The music video itself is just outrageous enough for us to become obsessed. Combine the song and music video with those signature dance moves and we are all hooked. Whether it’s at the club or in the privacy of their own home, everyone yearns to give Gangnam style a try. In case we haven’t already made it blatantly obvious, we love every aspect of Gangnam Style, including PSY himself. Having just signed with Schoolboy Records, it’s unpredictable where he will ride his invisible horse to next, but we can rest assured that it is nowhere near time to say goodbye to PSY.

As a tribute to PSY and all of his success and because of how unbelievably popular he has become, we decided to include a Gangnam Style Collection in the app I recently launched, Dance Video App.

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