Confidentiality and dependability are two main qualities I always look for in deciding whether or not to work or partner with another company. Especially concerning privacy, I need the company’s values and protocol to be synonymous with that of my company. I need to rest assured that the immediate needs of my company are being met at all angles. Sorenson Media (@SorensonMedia) has proved itself to qualify for all these requirements continuously for over a decade now. I have had the pleasure of working with this software company since the beginning of my professional career and they have yet to let me down. At Cimaglia Productions we use Sorenson Media software on every project.

Having developed a personal relationship with Sorenson Media, I felt it was only natural for me to contribute to Sorenson 360, an online video streaming platform. At Cimaglia Productions, my employees and I had specific company needs involving easier and more secure ways to share production content with our clients and I knew that Sorenson Media would have the ability and willingness to make this idea a reality.

Without companies like Sorenson Media, we would have to mail physical DVDs containing our production content rather than simply hosting this material in the cloud. With Sorenson, I am also able to track how many views we’ve received on our videos. We’ve had a total of 6,000 views on our Sorenson account in just one month alone. Having a close relationship with a company like Sorenson is immeasurable; they are essential for the daily operations of Cimaglia Productions.

Beyond my contributions to Sorenson 360, many other great features are being offered for ease of use such as centrally appended comments, a new review and approval process through Sorenson Squeeze, and free permanent storage.

Read the article: New Streamlined Review and Approval Functionality with Sorenson 360 to learn more about Sorenson 360 and Squeeze.

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