How many times have you been told “never judge a book by its cover”? Now, how many times have you disobeyed this rule? We have all heard this phrase more times than we can even remember. Yet, we all seem to be guilty of doing just the opposite of what this always pertinent phrase suggests. We are drawn to what we find attractive, even though we may not know anything more about a person or thing other than its physical appearance. Not knowing what lies beneath the physical appearance rarely stops us from “judging” or pursuing this person or thing however we see possible. This phrase is usually referring to judging a person by their looks. If we see someone we are attracted to, we automatically assume they are “the one,” the perfect match. We have all had the same experience of finding someone extremely attractive, but once we get to know them a bit more we realize we are not as compatible as was originally suspected. However, since we see based on attraction, we most likely overlook those who would be perfect for us simply because their average looks go unnoticed by our picky eyesight.

Much like dating, we can also judge a company by its “cover” and later realize the partnership that was started between two business is not as compatible as we first suspected. As a growing company, Cimaglia Productions is always looking to partner with new companies and work with other businesses. It is safe to say that some companies are more eye-catching than others with either websites, social media, proposals, or anything else. We know from past experiences that some companies may present themselves rather well or look amazing on paper, but their ability to meet the image they expose does not match up. Some companies have perfected their image and how they come across to other companies, but fail to provide the efforts that they promise. This is why it is important to note that some companies who have all the talent may put little effort into their outside appearance while others spend all their time on their appearance and little time improving the abilities they are marketing.

If an organization raises expectations through their image, they must meet these expectations or they will come up short and their partners or clients will chose to stop doing business with them. This is why the image and ability of a company must be synonymous. If you are a new company and are still figuring things out, say so! Some companies may be willing to take a chance on you. However, if you exaggerate your talents by saying you are new and already experts in your field but come up short, you will only be hurting yourselves. In order for a company to do well and maintain partnerships with either freelancers or other businesses, they should have a nice external appearance that accurately represents their abilities. What is promised on a website, through social media or in a proposal must always be demonstrated when it comes down to the actual work.

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