LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cimaglia Productions, Inc., an award-winning creative agency with offices in New York and Los Angeles, today announced the appointment of Anna Ibbotson as president. Joining Founder and CEO Matthew Cimaglia, Ibbotson will lead the company’s West Coast expansion and focus on igniting high-performance marketing programs that drive business growth.

“Anna brings 20 years of proven strategic marketing experience across multiple industries,” Cimaglia says. “She’s incomparably relentless—and successful—at navigating digital disruption, and I’m excited to see what ideas she brings to our new offering for clients.”

Ibbotson’s background spans both ad-marketing and production industries. Before joining Cimaglia, she was president of digital creative agency Deep Focus Los Angeles (Engine Group Company); senior partner, executive group director at Ogilvy & Mather (WPP) in Los Angeles and Chicago; and account director at FCB (IPG). She also boasts a strong background in television and theatrical entertainment.

At Cimaglia, Ibbotson will leverage her experience to benefit a new agency model. “My goal is to help grow Cimaglia further into an agile hub for successful marketing programs, tech-focused and data-driven creative, and best-in-class digital execution,” she says. “We’ll be serving our clients with a modern-day through-the-line business strategy, avoiding the time-based FTE revenue model that bigger agencies use. Simply put, we will translate our clients’ marketing initiatives into enhanced consumer engagement programs, tailoring projects to our clients’ budgets—not the other way around.”

She adds, “Media consumption today means brands can achieve two goals at once: they can engage consumers while activating customers. It’s a win-win as long as you do it in real time. We’re going to help clients develop bottom-line growth and brand affinity simultaneously.”

Her appointment dovetails with Cimaglia’s transformation into a digital-content creative agency. Along with the company’s 15 years of experience in video production, and recently having been part of a team that won several 2017 Cannes Lions, its updated business model has a solid foundation for new thinking.

“Over the years, I’ve seen clients drastically pull away from the traditional agency model and toward in-house initiatives,” Cimaglia says. “We anticipated this trend, and are now focused on helping clients recognize when they need to bring in outside counsel.” Ibbotson’s large-agency experience will play a key role in building the Cimaglia brand with a realistic vision for the future.

Since 2002, Cimaglia has been creating campaigns and transforming marketing initiatives into bottom-line results for some of the world’s top Fortune 100 and 500 brands. With offices in New York and Los Angeles, the Cimaglia team is constantly looking for unique ways to tell clients’ stories, transforming sketched-out ideas into enhanced customer-engagement programs backed by hard data. What drives the company is one fundamental concept: don’t follow trends; lead with ideas.

Anna Ibbotson on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/annaibbotson/
Matt Cimaglia on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/matthewcimaglia/
For more information, visit Cimaglia.co

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