Everyone loves a good “Where are they now?” story, so we got in touch with three former Cimaglia Productions interns to catch up with them. Here’s what they had to say about their time with us.




Q: Where were you in life when you started your internship at Cimaglia Productions?

KJ: I was a student at the University of Chicago when I began my internship at Cimaglia Productions. This ultimately transitioned to a full-time position upon graduation.

MK: I started at Cimaglia Productions during my junior year of college at DePaul University in Chicago.

PM: When I started interning at Cimaglia, I was halfway through my master’s program in Digital Cinema at DePaul University.

Q: What are a few core elements you learned?

KJ: First and foremost, I learned how to be a more concise and effective writer. I also learned how to be a self-starter because Matt allowed me to manage my own workflow and encouraged me to pitch new ideas. Together, these skills helped me to become a more strategic thinker. After my time at Cimaglia Productions, I was better not only at solving the immediate problem in front of me, but also the problems that may be caused by my proposed solution.

MK: Cimaglia was a small company working with several big clients, who had the team on pretty significant projects. Because of that we had to find creative ways to work efficiently. Learning how important it is to think on your feet was definitely something I took away after the internship.

PM: Learning Avid for sure! At the time I was only editing on Final Cut Pro. I started learning Avid as soon as I started my internship and that really helped broaden my editing skills for future projects.

Q: Was there something you found out about yourself or something that gave you confidence having the experience?

KJ: The biggest confidence-builder was Matt’s trust in my work. Having a boss—and a mentor—who believes in you truly removes the self-doubt that prevents you from achieving your highest potential. Moreover, knowing that my ideas would not be shot down just because of my status as an intern made me invest more time and energy into my work.

MK: I think during my time as an intern I learned to embrace being out of my comfort zone. It can be a bit scary to work on something new but I learned a lot more that way and felt like more of a team player in doing so.

PM: The more hands on work I was able to do the better my confidence in shooting and editing developed.

Q: Did you feel like you had a true mentor?

KJ: Absolutely—Matt was the first mentor in my professional development.

MK: Yes! Matt was great at including the intern team on every project possible as well as giving us insight into why he took the steps he did for many projects.

PM: I feel like all of my graduate professors as well as Matt were my true mentors during my time in the production field. All of them contributed in different areas to better my careers skills for the future and motivating me to succeed.

Q: Where are you now in life?

KJ: I am currently a litigation associate at a top international law firm.

MK: I am an account manager for Fusion Media Group, which has Gizmodo and The Onion within its network of sites. I work with clients to launch campaigns on our sites, which includes activations like sponsored articles and video production.

PM: I am now 6 years out of grad school and have been working at CME Group since I graduated. I started off at CME Group as a Digital Project Coordinator/Producer for their in-house Broadcast & Digital production team. My day-to-day activities included booking traders for daily live TV broadcast hits (Fox Business, Bloomberg, CNBC, just to name a few) as well as coordinating all internal and external digital video projects for the company. I was recently promoted to a new role as Senior Corporate Marketing & Event Management Specialist where I now primarily focus on the corporate marketing aspects of the business in assisting with marketing campaigns and promotions as well as hosting and planning VIP delegations and group visits to the exchange.

While I am not currently working in a production environment anymore, I still feel like my internship experience helped benefit the strong work ethic that I have today.

Q: If there is one tip you can give to someone that was in your shoes back then, knowing what you do now, what would it be?

KJ: Treat every assignment as an opportunity to learn something and to improve your skills.  Also, as a bonus tip, writing is re-writing, so make sure to focus as much on your editing as you do on your first drafts.

MK: I think as you start out in your career, it’s important to be a sponge and learn as much as possible. Look to see where something could use improvement or even just an extra hand and offer to help out in that area. I think the more you give a helping hand to something that needs it the most, the more valuable you can be to the company.

PM: Take on as many different projects as you can, learn as many skills as possible, so you can come out well rounded in many different areas. You never know which path your future will take you.