Allstate Insurance

The Cimaglia team proudly worked on the The Allstate Corporation account for more than five years. Our work began at an exciting time—smartphones had yet to take off, and the world’s largest social platform was still MySpace. We used our awareness of the erupting digital landscape to work alongside Allstate’s communications teams, eventually steering three pillars of Allstate’s brand confidently into the 21st century.

Arise Virtual Solutions

Arise is the leading digital software that many large, prestigious companies use to outsource their call center duties. Arise connects these companies to a network of independent contractors working from home, often stay-at-home mothers looking for a reliable source of extra income. The system works because it negates physical proximity and unenthusiastic working conditions from call center requirements, instead allowing committed, trustworthy workers from anywhere in the world to work for brands they genuinely love.

Citadel Securities

Cimaglia has enjoyed an ongoing relationship with Citadel LLC for more than a decade. We understand the brand’s core values and concerns, which is why we’ve been able to effectively manage their brand strategy. is an innovative live-streaming network that posts financial market updates and reviews six times a day. The tailored video platform allows for an unprecedented broadcast audience to understand these unique perspectives, real-world opportunities and cutting-edge strategies. Cimaglia is the exclusive studio producing content for the site—we write, shoot and upload each story while managing the data archives, website updates and industry connections.

Mercedes-Benz USA

Mercedes-Benz came to the Cimaglia team for help with one specific vehicle: the Sprinter, a full-sized commercial van that competes alongside American counterparts such as Ford, GMC, Chevrolet and Dodge. What set the Sprinter apart was its diesel-fuel engine and luxury brand name, but Mercedes-Benz decided to add one more distinct qualifier—they were going to make the Sprinter a 4×4 vehicle, embrace a more rugged market and expand its market share.