Arise Virtual Solutions

Arise is the leading digital software that many large, prestigious companies use to outsource their call center duties. Arise connects these companies to a network of independent contractors working from home, often stay-at-home mothers looking for a reliable source of extra income. The system works because it negates physical proximity and unenthusiastic working conditions from call center requirements, instead allowing committed, trustworthy workers from anywhere in the world to work for brands they genuinely love.

The Problem: Stay-at-Home Scams Hurt Credibility

If you search for “stay at home work” online, you’ll find yourself lost in a sea of promises, scams and outdated info that, upon first glance, are hard to distinguish from legitimate businesses. Despite successfully growing their business for more than 20 years, having an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and working with Fortune 500 brands, the Arise team still faced questions about their credibility. They wanted a way to easily, comfortably showcase their software and success to new audiences.

Our Solution: In-Depth Testimonial Videos

Because the heart of Arise is made of its network of real, independent people who endorse it, the Cimaglia team decided that a series of homemade testimonial videos starring them would be the most effective way to assuage concerns. We shot long interviews with sincere Arise users who detailed their stories, how they found Arise, why it works for them and how easy it is to set up a home office. The Arise team added edited-down versions to their website, and 30-second clips were used for cable TV ads, as well as for social and digital placements. These videos contributed to an overall marketing push by Arise that saw up to 10,000 new registrations per month.

The Problem: How Do You Reach New Audiences Beyond Conventional Advertising?

When one of Arise’s corporate clients requested an unprecedented number of new support workers, the team realized they would need to double the number of registrants in their pipeline—quickly. Up until this point, Arise had only advertised digitally, but realized simply ramping up those efforts wouldn’t generate enough new leads. They needed to do something big, something with an immediate splash.

Our Solution: Find Their Demographic on TV, and Make Them Laugh

The Cimaglia team was already familiar with the Arise target demographic, which gave us a leg up on researching the best media avenues to explore. When we proposed a native advertising spot on The Real, an enormously successful daytime talk show that broadcasts on Fox and BET, we knew it was a perfect fit. We wrote a sketch for the program’s “Live Commercial” segment, where the hosts promoted Arise wonderfully, getting laughs and pushing our message out to new audiences. The Arise marketing team used that thrust to push a whole new advertising spend, meeting their urgent quota and more.