Citadel Case Study

Cimaglia has enjoyed an ongoing relationship with Citadel LLC for more than a decade. We understand the brand’s core values and concerns, which is why we’ve been able to effectively manage their brand strategy.

The Problem: Earning Trust in the Financial Sector

When it comes to portfolios worth billions of dollars, trust is the number-one issue facing financial institutions. With so many investors coming from abroad and never setting foot in their office, and new talent coming from top universities and firms around the world, the company must exude confidence at every stage. Citadel wanted to showcase their proven reliability and openness as fundamental tenets of their corporate identity.

Our Solution: A New Approach to Transparency

To ameliorate the concerns of investors outside the office, we created a window for them to look in.

Cimaglia brought a 360-degree camera inside Citadel’s Risk Center, an award-winning office system with panoramic views of Chicago’s skyline and a wall of fluctuating graphs and charts analyzing financial investments in real time. (We altered sensitive financial information on the screens for security purposes.) Our goal was to take an honest approach to transparency, so we also filmed a 360-degree video tour of Citadel’s office, which helped showcase the environment to investors around the world and potential talent being sought out by recruiters.

Innovation on the Ground Floor

When Citadel’s founder and CEO was invited to ring the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange, Cimaglia saw it as an opportunity to create a landmark piece of video footage—the first 360-degree video shot of the ringing bell at the day’s start.

The result was a never-before-seen immersive glimpse into the trading floor, and an exciting piece of unique content for Citadel’s social-media platforms and brand awareness. We then took the project one step further, contextualizing the day with interviews outside the exchange that created a sense of space and relevance.