is an innovative live-streaming network that posts financial market updates and reviews six times a day. The tailored video platform allows for an unprecedented broadcast audience to understand these unique perspectives, real-world opportunities and cutting-edge strategies. Cimaglia is the exclusive studio producing content for the site—we write, shoot and upload each story while managing the data archives, website updates and industry connections.

The Problem: There Was a Gap Waiting to Be Filled

The Cimaglia team thought up the idea for in the late 2000s for a financial-services client, but the technology simply wasn’t ready at the time. It was born from a simple idea: we wanted to break down the barriers between everyday retail investors and dense market fluctuations, creating a platform of clear, unbiased, consistent information.

Our Solution: Create What Doesn’t Yet Exist

By the time live-streaming on YouTube became feasible and financially manageable, Cimaglia jumped on the chance to spearhead the company. We hired expert hosts, found savvy guests and began maintaining a strict production schedule to keep up with the market. Boutique investment banks and major global investors quickly joined ranks with the brand, which is fully compliant with industry regulations and growing its reputation every day.